Fove: A New Spin on VR

A new Kickstarter project is causing waves in the virtual reality space. The device is called Fove, and it allows you to use your eyes to control the game you are playing. With the stereo eye-tracking technology, where you look is now where you aim! Who needs a mouse and keyboard after all…

As awesome as this sounds, the thing that could be the most amazing is what they are calling “foveated rendering.” This feature lets the headset track exactly where your gaze is in the 3D game environment, and allows the game engine to adjust the rendering to provide a more immersive experience.

The big daddy in the VR space, Oculus Rift, has been working on refining their head-tracking ability for awhile now. This is great, but only half of the equation. Your eyes shift even when your head doesn’t, allowing you to look at certain things without moving your head at all. The ability to track eye movement could potentially be a game-changer in VR. Only time will tell.

The project has only been up on Kickstarter for a couple of days, but it has already gained a ton of traction. With 44 days to go (as of this writing), it has already gathered over $212,000 towards the goal of $250,000! If it keeps growing at this pace the sky is truly the limit.

The success of Fove proves one thing, people are still not tired of the virtual reality craze. Though the market is starting to get quite saturated, the people obviously still want more. The demand is there, now if only the hardware can live up to the expectations.Fove: A New Spin on VR

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