Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition coming to PC, Ipad and Android tablets


Ubisoft has revealed for the 15th anniversary of Heroes III, the release of essentially a retouched version of the game.

Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition will be arriving on PC through Steam and will use Steamworks for the online multiplayer side, with local multiplayer mode still available. The game should contain the original content : 7 exciting campaign scenarios, around 50 skirmish maps and a map editor.

Updated graphics and wide-screen compatibility are needed and useful. I know some people will remember there was a mod that already did wide-screen support, but I’m more interested in the retouched graphics which was the main problem with playing the original game up-scaled. This is exactly what I and maybe more fans of Heroes III wanted, just a retouched version of the original game with some new bells and whistles maybe. I personally experienced my eyes hurting after playing a full day of the game even with the widescreen mod.

It will also be on iOS and Android tablets only, with touch controls, and can be played in the classic hotseat mode with friends. If it really works, meaning a responsive control then it would be a perfect platform to play this. It’s a game you can sink hours and hours into just a match and save it to resume later whenever you want.

This may depend on the price and whether people are interested in the retouched sprites or lack of new content. Expect Heroes of Might & Magic III HD Edition to launch on 29th of December 2016 on PC, iOS and Android. I’ll leave you with the process of HD Lifting one of Fortress Creatures, the Hydra:

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