Street Fighter V exclusive to PC and PS4


Capcom has announced Street Fighter V at Sony’s PlayStation Experience event after yesterday’s leak and rumor. Sony knew and kept hinting the fact of it being leaked and expected as they unveiled USFIV coming to PS4.

On stage, Sony stated Street Fighter V will have cross-platform play for PS4 and PC, which seems interesting for the lack of players online. Sony’s Adam Boyes said PlayStation 4 “will be the only console this game ever appears on”. Well with it passing Xbox platforms, this will be a bit weird at events, hope they get enough support for fight sticks.

This game will be analyzed by experimented players, but from a person who plays Street Fighter for fun, there are no perceivable difference to moves. The main difference is graphical of course, which seems impressive and seems not to clutter the view, though expected options to turn off some effects maybe.

The only new noticeable change was the fact of breaking through the wall and arriving in a new stage, so it may mean dynamic stages. I’m quite interesting in hearing competitive players discuss the changes as personally I cannot see a great difference. Still the fact of having cross-platform play between PS4 and PC should be amazing, if it gets a proper netcode.

Sony is also bringing Ultra Street Fighter IV to the PlayStation 4, both titles with no clear release date. Expect Street Fighter V to appear on PC and PlayStation 4 in the near future.

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