John Wick Chronicles VR Review


John Wick Chronicles, after spending hours with the game’s short but sweet single player, is one of the most polished VR games, right up there with The Lab, Job Simulator and Batman Arkham VR.

The game puts you in the… hands? of John Wick, played by Reeves, as you check-in at the film’s signature hotel. The first thing you’ll notice is how damn good everything looks. In VR, you’re accustomed to expecting blocky environments or quirky art styles due to technical limitations, but John Wick Chronicles does its best to immerse you in this lifelike hotel lobby.

Sporting complete roomscale, the lobby forms around you, as does the training area and firefight segments through the game. You have full access to walk around, as the game opts for this instead of teleportation or being on-rails.

Anyway, once you call the elevator in the lobby and except your mission, you head to the training room, where you test each of the game’s guns through a series of target trials. You’ll be ducking, dodging and pulling off sweet tricks with your guns as you move closer to the end. Honestly, other VR experiences had me expecting this to be the whole game. Wrong.


The game then puts you in a short series of quests, where you’ll be on roofs and the sides of buildings, or in parking garages, gunning down baddies or taking aim at assassination targets. The gunplay is very responsive, and you’ll be looking down the scopes and sights of these guns more accurately than most FPS games.

I say that, but VR shooting takes some getting used to, and surely still has a long way to go. John Wick Chronicles also has one main barrier there: it’s exhausting.


Between the Matrix-style chords hanging out of the back of your head from the Vive, to the gameplay that makes you want to duck and roll, you’ll be winded by the end of the training room. It does add a bit to immersion, but it’d be nice to not have to catch your breath, not to mention stretch your hands out from pulling the trigger too much.

But Starbreeze packed a lot into this package, which is avilable on Steam for $19.99. Those who preordered the game got a free copy of Payday 2, one of the developers’ previous titles. They’ll also snag a John Wick 2-themed weapons pack for the game.


Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Starbreeze and John Wick have crossed paths. Payday 2 also featured Wick as a playable character to promote the release of the first film.

Maybe if there’s a John Wick 3 we’ll get an even bigger VR experience. And for an owner of the Vive, games like this make the purchase all the more worth it. You can count this one as a must-play.

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