Review: VR Dungeon Knight

First, I was going to talk about how, despite being in early access, there is more meat to this game than any number of completed, even AAA-titles. And more is added all the time.

Then, I was going to talk about how, despite obviously being a one man show, the developer is one of if not THE most responsive folks I’ve ever seen on Steam. When he says he wants to know what YOU want in a game, he isn’t lying. I don’t think there’s a single thread in the discussions that he hasn’t commented on or replied to, from support to suggestions. This game has every type of locomotion I was aware of, and some I had never seen before, and almost all because someone was like “Hey man, could you add x type of movement?”. The dev would say “I’ll look into it”, and sure enough, next patch, it’d be in there.

Then I tried to talk about the craftsmanship of this title, and how every corner of this world is oozing with flavor and attention to detail. Is it super high rez 8x Anti-alias’d ray shaded bleeding edge textures and malarky like that? No, far from, but it isn’t slapped together either. It’s obvious the developer takes the time to do the absolute best he can with every asset before it winds up in the game, and the whole thing just looks great.

THEN I tried to start with the depth of this thing, and how such a simple concept turns into such a deep well of gameplay. Weapon options, class choices, play-styles, procedural generation….this thing has it all in spades.

There are multiple weapons with levels, costumes, upgrades on abilities and the ability to become the type of fighter you want to be. Mage, warrior, archer or just a plain old Ye Olde Rambo. The battles can be hectic or attack from afar, the dungeons change and you’re always on the lookout for gold or weapons.

The visual graphics are pretty nice, exactly what you want from a game like this. After only playing this game for a half hour, trembling as I began to walk through my first dungeon because of the atmosphere, I know that this game has tremendous potential.

The dev has captured the creepiness and eerie feel of being within a dark dungeon excellently. Through the use of strategic lighting and ambient sound, you find yourself slowly and cautiously peaking around every corner, making sure no creature is waltzing down the corridors heading your way. The dungeons are randomly generated, so you never get the same layout twice. This in a way keeps each dungeon run quite fresh.

And there is so much more here than advertised. I got through my first map (an absolutely delightful experience that had me ducking, crawling, shooting, thowing lightning, climbing walls, walking a balance beam and more, so you’ll obviously want to have access to room scale for this) and I turned around in the completion review room to see that I had missed a whole host of challenges and apparently an entire bonus mini-boss….stuff I had no idea this game even had!

Especially now that this has Occulus support, there’s no reason not to grab this game. And as great as it is now, it’s only going to get better. Early access done right, VR done right, and just a great damn game that knows what it’s trying to be and is doing that right too.

For 20 bucks, this game is a steal. No VR tax here, boys and girls. This thing is half the price yet has double the content of most VR titles out there.

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