Review: Breach It

Breach It is currently in an Early Access Alpha stage, and it shows in certain aspects, but overall it’s a very fun and solid game. It’s inspired heavily by Rainbow Six Siege, which can only be a good thing!

Optimization has been great for me and a lot of other people. No FPS drops, and no crashes as of the latest update.

Attackers and Defenders have a preparation phase at the beginning of each round to choose any equipment they want to use. Attackers pick a gun, and a special item. This can be a Shield, hammer or C4. There’s been a few glitchy moments, particularly with weapons handling (i.e. a gun that won’t take a magazine and a new one needs to be retrieved from the armory).

The hammer and C4 can be used to make holes in weak walls in order to create different breaching points into the objective room.

Defenders can choose certain walls to reinforce, so that they are not penetrable. They can also barricade doors by hitting nails lined around a doorway. It feels very satisfying to do, by the way.  Overall the core gameplay is in good shape and does what it says on the box. Quite entertaining when the wall you’re taking cover near is blown open with a fistful of C4.
The round ends when either team has been eliminated, the bomb has been defused or time runs out.

There’s a decent number of guns to choose from, and the gadgets are fun enough, however there is currently only one map.
It’s not such a bad thing since the objective room moves around the building each time, and the attackers can spawn in from any direction.

Regardless, the dev has so far shown a very good attitude when it comes to updating the game frequently, and working closely with the community to get feedback. Which is a great sign.

Currently there is are only two maps, one map for each gamemode. One is a defuse the bomb and the other is kill the enemy team before the time runs out.
Defuse mode is played more tactically and you need to be more careful when entering, and the map is designed accordingly. It has some places where you can hide and ambush the enemy team. The map is really easy to learn and i feel its well balanced.
Kill the enemy gamemode is a more intense way of playing the game. All of the walls can be destroyed so you have to use your reinforcements to create a room where they cant just suddenly kill you from behind. The map is smaller so you can check all of the rooms easier but there are still good moments for ambushes.

There are a few minor issues, like the voice chat not working consistently, or not being able to grab your magazine and pull it out immediately, but they don’t break the game and are easy enough fixes. I also found myself constantly trying to shoot small holes through walls, but that isn’t possible currently. You can only create them using the provided tools. Hoping that will be added in the future!

If you enjoy Rainbow Six Siege or VR shooters, definitely give this a shot. It’s cheap, and fun enough in it’s current state with other players. Recommended!

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