Review: Tanzia

Tanzia is a game reminiscent of old-school RPGs and MMORPGs.
If you are a fan of those genres, you will more or less know what to expect here. Assigning items/spells to toolbars, NPCs that give you quests etc.

In my time playing the game so far, the quests have been incredibly interesting. Not boring, but nothing that stands out either. But I haven’t gotten too far into it yet.

The main driving factors for me have been the combat, and the story. The combat, although simplistic, feels very satisfying. It’s the typical click on an enemy, then choose what attack to use and it’ll basically seek them out and do damage. But the spells are nice to look at, and just feel really meaty. Especially when you see damage numbers popping up everywhere.

The second factor is the story. Although again, nothing revolutionary, it tells an interesting tale thats starts off in a small village. The lore is quite decently fleshed out, with small stories about forbidden magic, and mysterious characters that fought battles bravely.

The main thing that attracted me in the first place was the aesthetic. It’s nice and colourful, and you play as a character from a non-existent species. It isn’t some sort of animal, or elf creature. It’s just, what it is. It’s also cartoony as opposed to realistic. Obviously that’s all just personal preference, but I like this world and character design way more than most RPGs.

The music is really pleasant to listen to aswell!

The enemies and creatures are nice and varied. New ones are constantly being introduced to keep things fresh.

Overall, the game doesn’t honestly bring anything especially new to the table, but I don’t think it’s trying to. If you are into this genre, and like the look and sound of the world, then I think you will find a pleasant little experience here. It’s fun to play, and feels satisfying to slowly earn new loot/powers, talk to new people, explore new locations as you progress through the game. The game is mostly done by a solo dev that seems to be keen on working closely with the community for feedback as well, which is always a great sign.

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