Review: Catch a Lover

Catch A Lover is a silly multiplayer game that gives me very strong “Who’s your Daddy?” Vibe. The game pits 2-4 players in a very awkward and chaotic situation.

One player is the husband, who comes home to discover that his wife has cheated on him with the “lover”. The husband’s job is to beat up the Lover before he escapes. His pet dog can also help him by leaving pee traps on the floor for the Lover to slip on.

The other team consists of the Wife and Lover. They both have to find the Lover’s clothing so that he can leave the house safely and clothed. The wife also has the ability to clean up dog pee to prevent the Lover from slipping on it.

The husband and lover can both find stun guns in safes that can help you get a breather if you’re being chased/chasing.

The game actually performed much better than I expected. The animations look good, the models look pretty decent and the game ran very well. My only complain is that after every match, even if it’s a private lobby with friends, you will be thrown to the main menu and have to rehost it all again. It didn’t take too long, but I’m hoping the dev can fix that before the game leaves early access.

I found that the balancing tipped a little bit in the favor of the Husband and dog team. They won most times. I’m not sure what can be done to help the lover win a bit more, or if the dev even wants it to be 100% balanced. I didn’t find it frustrating in any way because it’s still fun to lose in this game, if you’re having a laugh with friends. But perhaps the lover could be a bit faster than the husband, or maybe not have only 2 possible pairs of clothes to put on.

I would also love if there were a few more maps. The map design is really nice in the existing level, and although the rooms aren’t randomly generated, the items within are. That’s how I think it should be. But just changing the aesthetic a little bit by changing house would be a welcome bonus to keep the game from getting stale.

Overall, I had a blast playing it with 3 other staff writers. I think that’s the main way to enjoy the game. The price might be a little bit steep for some people, but I think if you’re interested in the game at all, you’ll probably have fun playing it.

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