Review: Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Virtual Rick-ality feels like Job simulator, in the Rick and Morty universe, but a bit more game-y.
There are more mechanics such as puzzles, that make you feel like you’re playing more of a traditional game.

To start off, I want to say if you enjoy the jokes in the show, you will have just as much fun here. I felt like the writing and jokes were spot on. It felt like being in an episode of the show you love, which is great.
As for gameplay and interactivity, if you’ve played Job simulator, you will find that this game similarly, has a very acute attention to detail. The way you interact with objects in the world is intuitive and feels right. (Although sometimes closing cupboard doors was a bit finicky.)
In perfect Rick and Morty fashion, objects in the environment and situations that happen will surprise you.

The main difference I noticed between this and Job simulator was that there are actual puzzles. Although I loved Job Simulator, it was evidently an easy game that’s meant to just make you laugh. There wasn’t much thinking involved.

This game, on the other hand, has several puzzles that push you to really think in creative ways. There was one particular puzzle that stumped me and a few of my other friends for quite a decent amount of time. To the point that we all got frustrated and it actually slowed down our enjoyment of the game for a while until we managed to solve it and get back on track. (It was pretty satisfying when we did accomplish it though).

The game mainly takes place in one small location, but there is a lot to explore within that area. On top of that, you will also transport to 3 other locations briefly (Similarly to Waltz of the Wizard).

Although the game is relatively short, and you can beat it in approximately 2 hours, I’ve found myself at about 4 hours so far just messing around and finding all sorts of really fun easter eggs, hidden collectibles and new ways to interact with some of the cool gadgets available to you.

This has been one of my favourite VR experiences thus far, and although I can absolutely see how the full price can be too high for some people, I understand why the devs have put it up this much. VR development is currently not very profitable, and the game really is super polished, and filled with love, so it really does deserve the asking price.

I think if you go into the game knowing you’re in for a more-or-less short but sweet experience, you will leave very happy.

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