Review: Rise & Shine

You play as Rise, a boy tasked with fighting off the people destroying Gamearth. You have a gun called Shine aiding you in your battle, that allows you to respawn after dying. The game is filled with small cameos and parody versions of real video game characters like Sonic and Gears of War.

To shoot your gun, you must hold down the right mouse button and actually aim. This forces your character to slow down, as the shooting mechanics in this game are quite methodical as opposed to being run and gun. You can shoot projectiles out of the air to protect yourself, or hide behind destructible cover. To shoot out of cover, you must once again hold down the aim button, but in doing so you are vulnerable. This creates a lot of intense gun fights, which is quite fun!

As you progress through the game you will earn new abilities like switching bullet types to something that can pierce shields, or being able to shoot a bullet that you guide with your mouse, that you must then navigate through mazes onto boss weakpoints.

The pacing is quite good, and the game manages to mix up combat, bosses and puzzle sections quite well. On top of that, new enemies and traps are introduced throughout the game to keep things from getting stale.

The game’s aesthetic is great. It looks nicely drawn and colourful, and is complimented with some great music.

Although the game is funny when it comes to some lines of dialogue, or background easter eggs, the main story is quite serious, and is told in the form of Comic panel-like cutscenes. There’s no voice acting, but you hear a few grunts or one-word lines to get the gist of how a character sounds.

Although the game isn’t a platformer as a lot of people might assume, there’s a decent amount of secret chests to be found if you do a little bit of exploration. And I do mean a little. So far from what I’ve played, nothing has been insanely hidden or hard to get to, but it’s a nice feeling when you find that optional chest to upgrade your ammo count.

The difficuly is just right, where you don’t rage when you die, but it also isn’t something to blow through. There are a few moments that reminded me of Limbo in the sense that you need to be aware of your surroundings as you progress, or else you’ll die to some sort of environmental weapon your first time round.
Overall, I think it’s a really fun and solid shooter with an interesting world to accompany it.

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