Review: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!

Let’s start by saying that the food looks so delicious. Almost as if they were drawn after photos of real food. (I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case). On top of that, the first game had 30 foods, where as this 2nd game has 180. That is a HUGE increase. Some fans of the 1st game might feel a bit overwhelmed, since you could memorize all the recipes in the first game. Now, that is a lot harder.

I’ll give a quick explanation to how the game works for people who have not played the 1st game yet. Customers will come up to the desk and order some food. Once you take their order, you need to press the corresponding buttons to add the right ingredients. For example, if they order a beef burger, you need to press M (for meat) to add the meat patty, then K for ketchup, M for mustard. Sometimes customers vary it up by asking for extra or fewer ingredients, so you need to be careful when making each meal. Most ingredients’ hotkeys make sense, like C for cucumber. However, occasionally you will need to add an ingredient like Chili sauce, which uses “H”. This is because the game tries to keep letters universal, and a lot of ingredients are shared between recipes. You get used to it after a while.

Now onto the new stuff in this sequel.
The game has added Holding stations that allow you to serve a lot more customers in a more efficient way. This allows you to, for example, prepare 6 German pretzels. They will stop cooking automatically as soon as they are done, and whenever a customer comes by asking for a pretzel, you can instantly give it to them. The only downfall is over the day those pretzels will become a bit less fresh. You can trash them whenever you want though, and prepare some new ones.

Holding stations also allow you to prepare side meals. Things like salads, which will increase the patience meter of waiting customers.

All of this does a really nice job at making you feel like you really own the restaurant. The game can be incredibly hectic, but it feels so rewarding when you do well.
More chores have been added to the game now. Things like throwing away trash, washing dishes, setting up roach traps are all small distractions in between serving food, but very important if you don’t want people to be disgusted by your restaurant.

As you play through the game you will gain the ability to unlock more foods and decorations for your restaurant.
In the first game, your restaurant automatically upgraded its looks as you went through. In this game, you unlock parts and have free reign over where you want to play everything, which is great. You can even place the same painting on the wall multiple times. It might look ridiculous, but you have choice. The only problem here is currently the restaurant customizer is clunky. Deleting objects is a separate menu that takes a few seconds to get to, and there is no mouse support so you need to move things slowly around. Hopefully that’ll become more fluent with future patches.

This time around, you can also play a mode called “Chef for hire” that allows you to work for other restaurants. Places that specialize in things like pizza, or Japanese food. This is a nice bonus way to just stick to a certain category of food if you feel like just making that stuff.
On the other hand, you can just work for your own restaurant, choose your available foods in the menu, etc.

Co-op is way better in this game. In the first game, only player 1 could cook, and player 2 served the food, which was very boring for the 2nd player. In this game, you can both cook and serve at the same time. It feels quite rewarding to work side by side and complete multiple meals at once.
Currently, the game is missing the funny story and emails that the first game had, but the dev has said they plan to add it in asap.

Overall, it’s just more of the first game, with a few new improvements here and there. That’s not a bad thing at all, because the first game didn’t really have any problems, in my opinion. The music is lovely, the visuals look great, and the gameplay is as frantic and fun as ever. I strongly recommend the game to anyone that is interested in it!

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