Review: Snake Pass

Snake pass is a really well-polished and charming game that puts you in control of a snake. The controls are quite intuitive, and I picked the game up really quickly. Although you might struggle at times, it’s part of the game’s challenge and you’ll be able to retry every obstacle again until you get it right.

The controls are simple. You have the option to play with a keyboard, but I chose a controller as I found it easier.
One of your buttons moves your character forward, while another lifts his head upwards. This allows you to scale small obstacles in front of you. Finally, you have a grip button, which will tighten your body around whatever you are wrapped onto.

With these basic abilities, you can scale everything in the game. The fun comes in when you need to go up tall scaffoldings. The tricky part is not falling, so you need to make sure you wrap around poles on your way up to fight against gravity. The game really feels unique through its mechanics.

You have the ability to ask your little hummingbird friend to grab and lift your tail. This is quite situational and can help sometimes to counter the weight of your tail if you feel you’re about to fall off a ledge, but I found it can get in the way if you want as much “snake body” as possible to wrap around stuff.

Levels are quite large, and are littered with different kinds of collectibles, which incentivises exploration. Although it is all optional, and you can simply go for the main 3 gems needed to complete the level.

The music is really great, and made me feel super happy. It goes very well with the charming aesthetic of the game. The colours are vibrant, and the animations look cute. It’s nice to see a game with these kind of graphics again.

However, I have two gripes with the game. The first is the slight lack of checkpoints.
Sometimes you die and might lose 5 minutes of progress, and it’s frustrating to have to recollect the stuff you already did. I get not letting you keep the stuff you collected if you die, because it takes away the challenge of some of the collectibles. You could simply slither over a precarious beam, grab the coin, fall to your demise and then respawn, easy. Part of the challenge is coming back alive after collecting it. But it would be nice if the game could somehow checkpoint you as soon as you get to solid and safe ground, or perhaps just have a checkpoint waiting near deadly drops so you dont have to go aaaaall the way back after failing.

My second problem with the game is you need to move in a sort of zigzag motion to actually gain speed and move forward. It can be quite tiring if you are going long distances. I get that it makes sense, and snakes do that, but I would have honestly prefered just holding forward and moving like that. It’s not a huge problem, as it’s quite rare to do it so frequently, but it’s still an annoyance.
Overall though, I’m having a lot of fun with the game. It’s a really charming world to be in and the gameplay feels very rewarding! Recommended.

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