Review: Rain World

The main premise of the game is to gather food, survive predators, and move forward throughout the world.
It can be very hard, and sometimes even frustrating if you don’t know what is going on at times. Which is what I will try to quell through this review.

The game starts off with a very nicely drawn cutscene that sets the basis of the story. Then it throws you into gameplay, explains a few basic things and leaves you to figure out the rest. Which sounds great to me, but I feel like 1 or 2 more important things needed to be taught. So in the first 30 minutes of my gameplay, I felt a bit frustrated trying to figure out what kind of game this is, but after that it was great.

As you explore the world, you need to feed yourself to fill your hunger meter. Once you’ve gotten to a certain point, you can then hibernate in a few specific locations. Upon doing this, you progress to the next day, and level up your character.

If you die, you will lose any progress you’ve made since the last time you hibernated. You will have to re-do the day and you will lose your level progress. The game can be quite difficult at times due to this, but it’s nothing keyboard-breaking worthy.

Most of the times, you will die to predators. They are quite clever for the most part. They follow you through small vents, up poles and can sometimes even cut you off from where you’re trying to go. It can be really scary, and the fact that the game most of the time has no music, but plays an intense percussion rhythm around enemies makes it even more intense.

The one other major threat in the game is rain. It basically plays the role of a timer in a day. You’ve got a set time to complete the day, once that runs out, rain will come pouring down from the sky and kill you. If you are underground, it will flood the place and drown you. Now this is really terrifying. The only way to survive it is by hibernating, so you need to gather your food fast throughout the day.

The movement and climbing is quite intuitive. You just use a jump button to get around, and move in the direction you want to. The pixel art looks really great, and the physics and animation look very fluent and work well together.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with the game. It’s very well made, and once you get over the initial bump of learning how it works, the difficulty can be very fun and rewarding!

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