Review: Rocket Riot

Rocket Riot is an action game with silly characters and a lot of explosions. The game plays very simply. You can fly around infinitely, and shoot as many rockets as you want. The longer you hold the shoot button down, the further the rocket will fly.
The environment is completely destructible, and will respawn after a bit.

It’s really satisfying to blow everything up, as everything and everyone turn into small cubes, and your explosions cause ripple effects throughout the environment.

The character unlock system is very fun and simple. As soon as you kill an enemy for the first time, you can now use them as your own player model. There are hundreds to choose from as you progress through the campaign.

Speaking of the campaign, there are actually multiple to choose from, and each campaign has a huge number of levels, so if you enjoy the base gameplay, there’s a lot of content to keep you going.

The game stays fresh by introducing powerups, which range from triple rockets, to homing missiles, or power downs like screwed up controls or dud rockets.

As well as the powerups, different levels can have different objectives. Simple stuff like deathmatch or boss fights are the norm, but you can also encounter more experimental things like Rugby, or finding the hidden enemy.

A small note, I’ve got to say the music for the game is super fun to listen to. The main menu and battle music alike are really catchy!
One minor annoyance is the menu functionality, it feels like a mobile port, and can sometimes be frustrating to navigate. It’s not too bad, but could have been better.

Despite enjoying the game, I would love if there was some multiplayer mode. In the 2009 Xbox 360 version of the game, you could play with friends, but it seems that it’s gone now. The developers have said they’re thinking about implementing it in the future though, so I really hope they go through with it! It would really keep the game from getting stale over time.

Overall, I think despite the lack of multiplayer, and menu annoyances, it’s a fun and simple little game! Recommended.

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