Review: Song of the Deep

The game feels very similar to games like Ecco the dolphin, Aquaria and Insanely twisted shadow planet, in the sense that you have the ability to move in any direction, and can freely explore the big map you have.

As you progress through the game, you will find a lot of treasure, some that you can obtain by finding secret paths, and some that you may only get if you come back in the future, after you have acquired a necessary upgrade.

The story is quite simple, but enough to grip you. You play as the daughter of an explorer. He has told you many stories of the sea, monsters and locations. One day he doesn’t come back home from sea, and so you set off to try and find him.

The game has occasional narration, which isn’t for everyone, but since the game is set in a desolate and lonely feeling place, it fits. Luckily the narrator has a pleasant voice, and does a good job at reading the well-written lines.

The art is gorgeous, and it’s a joy to slowly go around admiring the detail in the foreground and background. I love that there’s a good mix of natural, but fantastical looking creatures, as well as creatures that look steampunk.

The music does a great job at accompanying the atmosphere. It actually got me pretty emotional when I put headphones on.

The gameplay itself isn’t too challenging. Even though there’s combat, it’s quite a relaxing game. You’ll get upgrades to your submarine that can help you with fending off enemies, or you can improvise and throw objects from the environment at them.

The main line of powerups is interesting and has some clever applications. The optional weapon powerups are unnecessary and kind of disappointing. The bosses are fun but generally easy.

Most of the physics-environment puzzles are clever and interesting. Some are a bit fiddly, but not that hard after I grew more comfortable with the controls and timing.

I’d recommend using a controller to play. Although it’s playable with keyboard & mouse, I found it to be very unpleasant.

Overall, it’s quite a lovely little game. It’s simple and charming. If you enjoyed any of the games I mentioned at the beginning of the review, or any other games where you explore and admire the environment, then I would definitely recommend this one.

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