Author: Tyrone Johnson


Superhot VR is the popular first person shooter where time moves only when you move, but this time in the virtual world. An engaging and fun to play FPS, the gameplay makes you feel like you are in the matrix, using your mind and body to dodge bullets, in a visually surreal environment.

The gameplay is all about your movement and that of the oncoming bullets, outnumbered by the enemy, in a series of scenarios, using different weapons to shoot, slice and move your body towards survival. It’s a unique FPS design that’s extremely fun and addictive. Having played both the VR and non-VR versions of the game, I recommend getting Superhot VR if you enjoy the original, as the gameplay is the same, but the experience is completely different in VR, and I equally enjoy playing both versions of the game. The VR controls are perfect and super smooth, leaving you with that that matrix feel. The challenge of the gameplay gives it lots of replayablity.

It seemed a touch more aliased than it should have been, and super-sampling can only help you so much, because of the constant red+blank on white color contrast, but of course it runs well. I loved the intermission scenes in the little apartment, with all that computer crap everywhere. The ‘campaign’ mode will probably be over before you know it, but there are plenty of other modes to enjoy in your subsequent sessions.

Now onto the problems with the game. It’s just so much fun. However, I beat the game in only 1 hour. That is VERY short for the main campaign. Although I died a few times and had to restart a few levels, maybe I’m just that amazing at the game? I doubt it. Luckily, when you beat the game you will unlock a few challenges, but they aren’t as substantial as the main game. You can try to speedrun levels, or turn on an only headshot mode, or a survival mode where you kill as many enemies as possible. Again, they aren’t as fun as the vanilla game, but they will extend that 1 hour playtime a little bit.

Another issue I had with the game is everything is picked up using the side grip buttons. After a while, your fingers will really start to hurt, as the position of those buttons isn’t very natural and doesn’t lend itself well to being held for extended periods of time. I understand why they did it like this though.

This allows you to hold onto a gun, and free up the trigger button for actual shooting. After you’ve shot your 5 bullets, your gun will run out and you will want to throw it at an enemy as fast and easily as possible, which is when you just release the grip buttons and it will go flying. If they had any other system, I don’t think it would work as well.
Still, that doesn’t change the fact that it can be quite painful after a while, which sucks.

One tiny thing to point out is, sometimes while you’re waiting for a bullet to pass by you, or waiting for a gun to fall into position, you want to keep your head out of the way while at the same time speeding up time. So you’ll kinda just move your hands around to speed up time. It’s not really an actual problem, but it feels a bit silly at times and might make you feel a little bit less immersed at times.

One final problem is the lack of menus. It can be a bit frustrating when you’re playing a challenge and want to restart if you know you aren’t going to, for example, get the fastest time in this level. There’s nothing you can do other than wait for an enemy to kill you. This won’t affect you much, but it would still be a welcome addition.


+ Geat visuals and art.
+ Interesting way to progress.
+ Great game mechanics.
+ Occasional humour.
+ Gameplay feels just right.
+ Lots of modes to play through after the main “story mode”.
+ Works great with Oculus Rift + Touch.


– Each level has about 5 stages, but if you fail any stage, you have to start the level over.
– Animations can be a bit underwhelming in some situations (dying enemies seem like only semi-ragdolls).
– Sometimes shooting behind objects doesn’t work because of invisible walls.

Overwatch’s newest event ‘Uprising’ officially announced


Overwatch’s new game mode has finally been legitimately unveiled by Blizzard. The event takes place years before the actual time of the base game, when Overwatch was still a unified organisation rather than a disorganised collective of oddballs dotting the globe. Players take control of Tracer, Mercy, Torbjörn and Reinhardt as they fight through a war torn King’s Row, beset on all sides by the Omnic extremist group, Null Sector.

Like Overwatch’s previous event, Junkenstein’s Revenge, this will be a PvE situation wherein the players involved will be working together to beat back a horde of AI controlled robots. Unlike before, players will be trying to defend a play-load as it pushes through the city, and the enemies seem to be much faster and aggressive than the lumbering ‘zomnics.’

In addition to the event game mode, new skins and sprays will also be available to be collected. Highlights include costumes for many of the key Overwatch personnel in their prime, and costumes for the ‘Blackwatch’ members Genji and McCree. There are numerous goodies and items of interest to earn, including a new skin that shows the game’s resident sniper, Widowmaker, before her transformation to a literal cold-hearted killer. Additionally, eagle eyed fans spotted a spray that seems to be a picture of pre-brainwashed Widowmaker with her murdered husband, Gerard, which is significantly the first times fans have been given a hint to what he might have looked like.

Thinking about it, this event will be a fairly significant one for lore fans, both for the above reveal of Widowmaker’s character and because this will be the first time players will get to experience something similar to the Omnic Crisis. Admittedly, this isn’t the actual Omnic Crisis: the event is actually placed a few years after the Crisis was over, but seven years before the base game. However, this mode might be an important step in understanding just how bad the war was, and why certain characters still hold such a deep distrust even years after the fact.

Knowing Blizzards extreme attention to detail and love of including secrets and Easter Eggs in their products, I’m certain we can look forward to fans dissecting the event and finding out just how many bonuses Blizzard has snuck into it.

The Surge Has Gone Gold and Unveils More About Its PlayStation 4 Pro Updates


Focus Home Interactive just announced that The Surge, the hardcore action-RPG developed by Deck13 has officially gone gold on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game will release for retail and download on May 16 and is already available for pre-order on consoles and PC.

More information follows about the PS4 Pro updates for The Surge. For instance, the first free update will be available at the release of the game, and will allow players to either play in Dynamic 4K at 30fps or in 1080p at 60fps. A second update will be available a bit later after release, allowing players to activate the HDR option.