Resident Evil 7: biohazard DLCs ‘End of Zoe’ and ‘Not a Hero’ Trailer


A new trailer and screens from the upcoming DLC for Resident Evil 7 biohazard are available for download, including a look at the upcoming third DLC release End of Zoe and the free Not a Hero DLC content.

The trailer and screens introduce some new glimpses into End of Zoe, featuring a mysterious outdoorsman named Joe who lives along the bank of the marshes and has a chance encounter with Zoe that sets both their fates in motion.

The new assets also showcase the free Not a Hero DLC, featuring the return of Resident Evil fan favorite and veteran BSAA soldier Chris Redfield. Taking place after the horrific events that befell Ethan Winters in Resident Evil 7 biohazard, Chris is on the hunt for Lucas Baker to bring an end to the Baker tragedy once and for all. BSAA agents had tried to take on Lucas previously, but were unsuccessful and themselves became captives of the menacing trickster. Can Chris save the team while also tracking down Lucas through perilous poison gas filled dungeons?

Review: Frog Climbers

The objective of the game is to be the first player to reach the top of the mountain. You have control over both your hands, and aim them using the analogue sticks of your controller, similarly to games like Octodad or Mount your friends.
You then use your triggers to grasp onto a ledge or rock. (An important note is you can not play this with a keyboard or mouse).

The game does a good job at keeping the game fun for all players. A lot of racing games suffer from the problem that as soon as someone gets the lead, the players in the back will never be able to catch up, and so they don’t have as much fun. In Frog climbers, occasionally a bug carrying a vine will fly next to losing players, which if they grab will then get a boost upwards. If players fall off the mountain, they will also respawn after 3 seconds near the player in first place. Although it seems they can fall as many times as they want, as I haven’t seen some sort of penalty. I would personally like to see a life limit or something along those lines.

Something pretty hilarious is you have the ability to grab other frogs’ limbs. You can grab their feet, knees, hands or backs. It will weigh them down slightly, and you can use them to swing or climb up. However, there is a timer where your frog will lose grip after a while to keep it from getting to frustrating for other players.

Although if you don’t like the idea of being able to catch up and win at the last second, you can turn on a modifier that will reward the player who has the lead, which will then be compared across all players once the end is reached. There are other funny modifiers to play around with like low gravity or one arm. As well as choosing modifiers, you can also generate a map type of normal or hard difficulty, or even a map filled with wheel obstacles for extra challenge.

The map generation is quite similar to the one in many worms games, except instant, which is quite nice.
You can choose between 5 different types of frogs, which could easily just be different colours, but I like that the devs took the time to give them different body shapes, patterns and such. The green one plays upside down, and climbs with their feet instead, which I found to be quite funny.
You can also race in solo against the clock in preset, daily mountains in order to try get a higher score on the leaderboard.

My main issue with the game is there’s no AI, and no online play, which means you can only really have fun in the game if you have friends over. Sure you can play solo, but I don’t think that would keep you entertained for a very long time. So it’s definitely a multiplayer game.

Overall, I think the game is super fun. It’s a simple idea, but very well executed! There’s a decent amount of content for the relatively cheap price, and if you have friends over, it’s definitely a fun game to start up and have a few good rounds. Although I’m all for local multiplayer, I hope the devs consider putting in AI or most importantly, online play in the future.

The Surge Gets Free ‘Fire & Ice Weapon Pack’ DLC


Dystopian action-RPG The Surge is releasing today its first post-release DLC for free, for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC players. Deck13’s hardcore sci-fi adventure has you fighting for survival in a facility ruined by a mysterious event called the Surge. Utilize your powerful exo-suit as you sever limbs, parts, and weaponry from your enemies using The Surge’s unique targeting mechanics and tight combat system. This free DLC brings 10 new weapons to the game – 5 of fire and 5 of ice – and you will have to fight for them.

Representing fire are the new MG-branded weapons. These high-tech military weapons are deadlier versions of CREO’s riot control products, capable of high physical damage with low elemental damage. Repeatedly attacking humanoid enemies with these red-hot blades will create a powerful fire-based explosion.

Also available in this DLC, the ice weapons cometh! These are CREO’s space travel testing tools, concepts and prototypes constructed in their very own R&D labs. These weapons were created to test materials in the cold darkness of space, and can harness extremely low temperatures. They are not designed for combat, however, so they have low physical damage but high elemental damage. Wielding these weapons provide a passive bonus to health.

Once the DLC is installed, consult the security memo and the CREO newsletter added to your inventory’s Organizer, and use their clues to locate these 10 deadly weapons and tear them from the limbs of your foes!

God Eater 3 Officially Announced


Leading videogame publisher and developer Bandai Namco Entertainment America announces that it will be bringing God Eater 3, the latest iteration of its popular monster-slaying Action RPG series, to the Americas for home consoles. Team up with other God Eaters equipped with the latest God Arc weapons to take down monstrous new Aragami tearing apart locations around the globe.

Earth no longer resembles the home we know of now. The Aragami, terrifying beasts that live only to consume, are carving a path of destruction and misery wherever they are encountered. To combat this threat an elite group of heroes known as God Eaters are called upon to save humanity. God Eaters are individuals who have been bestowed upon them the ability to wield powerful new God Arcs, special weapons powered by Oracle Cells and the only known weapons capable of destroying the monstrous Aragami. However, another mission is coming into focus; something is happening to the God Eaters and the line between light and dark has never been so thin. It’s time to start breaking free from the cursed shackles that bind the souls of the God Eaters as the battle rages on around them.

Review: Rocket Riot

Rocket Riot is an action game with silly characters and a lot of explosions. The game plays very simply. You can fly around infinitely, and shoot as many rockets as you want. The longer you hold the shoot button down, the further the rocket will fly.
The environment is completely destructible, and will respawn after a bit.

It’s really satisfying to blow everything up, as everything and everyone turn into small cubes, and your explosions cause ripple effects throughout the environment.

The character unlock system is very fun and simple. As soon as you kill an enemy for the first time, you can now use them as your own player model. There are hundreds to choose from as you progress through the campaign.

Speaking of the campaign, there are actually multiple to choose from, and each campaign has a huge number of levels, so if you enjoy the base gameplay, there’s a lot of content to keep you going.

The game stays fresh by introducing powerups, which range from triple rockets, to homing missiles, or power downs like screwed up controls or dud rockets.

As well as the powerups, different levels can have different objectives. Simple stuff like deathmatch or boss fights are the norm, but you can also encounter more experimental things like Rugby, or finding the hidden enemy.

A small note, I’ve got to say the music for the game is super fun to listen to. The main menu and battle music alike are really catchy!
One minor annoyance is the menu functionality, it feels like a mobile port, and can sometimes be frustrating to navigate. It’s not too bad, but could have been better.

Despite enjoying the game, I would love if there was some multiplayer mode. In the 2009 Xbox 360 version of the game, you could play with friends, but it seems that it’s gone now. The developers have said they’re thinking about implementing it in the future though, so I really hope they go through with it! It would really keep the game from getting stale over time.

Overall, I think despite the lack of multiplayer, and menu annoyances, it’s a fun and simple little game! Recommended.

Rogue Trooper Redux ‘101’ Debuts Five Minutes of Gameplay


Rogue Trooper Redux deploys onto the blasted wastes of Nu-Earth later this month – including on Nintendo Switch!

Originally slated to release soon after other platforms, development of the Nintendo Switch edition has now finished ahead of schedule. Today Rebellion revealed Rogue Trooper Redux launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC globally and on Nintendo Switch in North America on October 17th.

Today’s brand new ‘101’ trailer showcases the pioneering third-person gameplay and features that made the original a cult classic, offering new fans a thorough debrief on the game’s universe, campaign, modes, and the unique biochip abilities that make Rogue a one-man army.

Featuring all-new gameplay footage, the 101 trailer digs deep into the game’s timeless features and action, including:

• A BAFTA-nominated story faithful to the 2000 AD comic and universe of the same name.
• A thrilling singleplayer campaign blending stealth, action, cover-based shooting and epic set pieces.
• Tactical smarts: Listen out for Helm’s strategic advice and confuse the enemy with distractions and holodecoys.
• Withering firepower: Transform Rogue’s sentient rifle Gunnar into a sentry gun, sniper rifle, mortar, missile launcher and more.
• Powerful upgrades: collect salvage to upgrade weapons and order Bagman to manufacture explosives under fire.
• Two intense co-op modes for 2-4 players online.

Review: Rain World

The main premise of the game is to gather food, survive predators, and move forward throughout the world.
It can be very hard, and sometimes even frustrating if you don’t know what is going on at times. Which is what I will try to quell through this review.

The game starts off with a very nicely drawn cutscene that sets the basis of the story. Then it throws you into gameplay, explains a few basic things and leaves you to figure out the rest. Which sounds great to me, but I feel like 1 or 2 more important things needed to be taught. So in the first 30 minutes of my gameplay, I felt a bit frustrated trying to figure out what kind of game this is, but after that it was great.

As you explore the world, you need to feed yourself to fill your hunger meter. Once you’ve gotten to a certain point, you can then hibernate in a few specific locations. Upon doing this, you progress to the next day, and level up your character.

If you die, you will lose any progress you’ve made since the last time you hibernated. You will have to re-do the day and you will lose your level progress. The game can be quite difficult at times due to this, but it’s nothing keyboard-breaking worthy.

Most of the times, you will die to predators. They are quite clever for the most part. They follow you through small vents, up poles and can sometimes even cut you off from where you’re trying to go. It can be really scary, and the fact that the game most of the time has no music, but plays an intense percussion rhythm around enemies makes it even more intense.

The one other major threat in the game is rain. It basically plays the role of a timer in a day. You’ve got a set time to complete the day, once that runs out, rain will come pouring down from the sky and kill you. If you are underground, it will flood the place and drown you. Now this is really terrifying. The only way to survive it is by hibernating, so you need to gather your food fast throughout the day.

The movement and climbing is quite intuitive. You just use a jump button to get around, and move in the direction you want to. The pixel art looks really great, and the physics and animation look very fluent and work well together.

Overall, I had a lot of fun with the game. It’s very well made, and once you get over the initial bump of learning how it works, the difficulty can be very fun and rewarding!

Star Wars Battlefront II Single Player Story Scene


The death of the Emperor wasn’t the end of the Empire. While the fall of the nefarious leader sewed confusion among the ranks, the surviving officers of the Imperial navy still wield influence over vast fleets and powerful forces. But even from beyond the grave, the Emperor’s destructive control holds sway over the galaxy… not just over his enemies, but also over the servants who failed to protect his life.

Part of that vengeance is enacted by Messenger droids, one of which plays a key role in the single-player story of Star Wars Battlefront II.

Messengers are agents of the Contingency – the Emperor’s sinister plan put into effect in the event of his untimely demise. Outlined in Star Wars Shattered Empire and Star Wars Aftermath, the Contingency punishes Empire and Rebellion alike.

Messengers are foreboding droids. They bear the visage of the dead Palpatine, and some are equipped to enforce his will not just with words, but with violent action. Early in Star Wars Battlefront II, a Messenger tasks Iden and her father, Garrick Versio, with terrifying instructions. We don’t want to reveal much more about this critical sequence, but its pretty clear that Iden’s “unusual” mission will place her on a collision course with the last wishes of the fallen Emperor.

The Messenger is just one of many story connections to the broader Star Wars galaxy revealed in the new single-player campaign. You’ll be learning much more about Iden, her teammates Del and Hask, and many of your favorite Star Wars characters in Star Wars Battlefront II, launching November 17.

However, you won’t have to wait until then to go hands-on with the game. The Star Wars Battlefront II multiplayer beta is coming October 6 (or October 4 if you pre-order).

Review: Snake Pass

Snake pass is a really well-polished and charming game that puts you in control of a snake. The controls are quite intuitive, and I picked the game up really quickly. Although you might struggle at times, it’s part of the game’s challenge and you’ll be able to retry every obstacle again until you get it right.

The controls are simple. You have the option to play with a keyboard, but I chose a controller as I found it easier.
One of your buttons moves your character forward, while another lifts his head upwards. This allows you to scale small obstacles in front of you. Finally, you have a grip button, which will tighten your body around whatever you are wrapped onto.

With these basic abilities, you can scale everything in the game. The fun comes in when you need to go up tall scaffoldings. The tricky part is not falling, so you need to make sure you wrap around poles on your way up to fight against gravity. The game really feels unique through its mechanics.

You have the ability to ask your little hummingbird friend to grab and lift your tail. This is quite situational and can help sometimes to counter the weight of your tail if you feel you’re about to fall off a ledge, but I found it can get in the way if you want as much “snake body” as possible to wrap around stuff.

Levels are quite large, and are littered with different kinds of collectibles, which incentivises exploration. Although it is all optional, and you can simply go for the main 3 gems needed to complete the level.

The music is really great, and made me feel super happy. It goes very well with the charming aesthetic of the game. The colours are vibrant, and the animations look cute. It’s nice to see a game with these kind of graphics again.

However, I have two gripes with the game. The first is the slight lack of checkpoints.
Sometimes you die and might lose 5 minutes of progress, and it’s frustrating to have to recollect the stuff you already did. I get not letting you keep the stuff you collected if you die, because it takes away the challenge of some of the collectibles. You could simply slither over a precarious beam, grab the coin, fall to your demise and then respawn, easy. Part of the challenge is coming back alive after collecting it. But it would be nice if the game could somehow checkpoint you as soon as you get to solid and safe ground, or perhaps just have a checkpoint waiting near deadly drops so you dont have to go aaaaall the way back after failing.

My second problem with the game is you need to move in a sort of zigzag motion to actually gain speed and move forward. It can be quite tiring if you are going long distances. I get that it makes sense, and snakes do that, but I would have honestly prefered just holding forward and moving like that. It’s not a huge problem, as it’s quite rare to do it so frequently, but it’s still an annoyance.
Overall though, I’m having a lot of fun with the game. It’s a really charming world to be in and the gameplay feels very rewarding! Recommended.

Middle-earth: Shadow of War Mobile Out Now for iOS and Android


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the worldwide launch of Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android devices. Co-created by IUGO Mobile Entertainment, WB Games San Francisco and Monolith Productions, Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile is an epic free-to-play strategy RPG that continues Talion’s journey through Mordor and unites Middle-earth’s greatest Champions together with the fiercest of Orcs in a quest to defeat the Dark Lord, Sauron.

In Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile, Celebrimbor, the master ring-maker, has forged all new Rings of Power, calling out to Champions across Middle-earth to join in the Shadow War against Sauron’s armies. With every ring given, players can sharpen and hone their characters’ special skills to strategize their way through Mordor and defeat Sauron and his army.

Players take part in real-time battles by creating their own personal armies from a hefty roster of iconic Champions, including Talion, Celebrimbor, and Shelob from the upcoming Middle-earth: Shadow of War console game, as well as beloved characters from The Lord of the Rings, including Gimli, Gandalf and many others.

“We’re thrilled to have collaborated with the incredible team at IUGO whose passion and innovation were paramount in creating an authentic Middle-earth adventure on mobile that lives up to players’ expectations,” said Jonathan Knight, VP, Studio Head at WB Games San Francisco. “Together we’ve brought to life Middle-earth’s greatest Champions and combined that with the award-winning Nemesis System, setting the stage for an epic battle against Sauron and his armies to take back Middle-earth.”

The award-winning Nemesis System is coming direct to players’ fingertips in Middle-earth: Shadow of War mobile, where each Orc enemy faced remembers all past encounters and battles, creating wholly unique experiences from player to player. The choice is then in the player’s hand to recruit different Orcs to either fight on their behalf or to execute them in exchange for rewards that upgrade character abilities.